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33° Raduno Internazionale dello Spazzacamino - dal 5 all'8 Settembre 2014

5/8 September 2014

33° International Chimney Sweeper Gathering

The International Chimney Sweepers Gathering is organized every year by the Chimney Sweepers National Association, located in Santa Maria Maggiore, Italy, in the Chimney Sweeper Museum.

Professional chimney sweepers wishing to participate in the gathering or, to receive information regarding the festival, are invited to contact the Association directly: info@museospazzacamino.it  or phone/fax  ++39 0324 905675.

Participation is simple and easy using the attached form.


This Form must be filled out and returned via mail, or fax, in order to participate. 


For groups, one form with the name of the head of the group and the list of the names of the participants is sufficient.

We hope you will join us for this amazing International Gathering of Professional Chimney Sweepers.

Raduno 2018

Grande successo anche per la 37ª edizione del Raduno internazionale dello Spazzacamino.

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Raduno 2018, 37ª edizione

 dal 31 agosto al 3 settembre 2018

The 37th International Chimney Sweeper Gathering will take place from 31 August to 3 September 2018

Das 37° Internationale Schornsteinfegertreffen findet vom 31. August bis 3. September 2018 statt

La 37ème Rencontre Internationale du Ramoneur aura lieu du 31 aoüt au 3 Septembre 2018




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